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Loving Community

2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Showing love by helping others

There are many ways we are able to share God’s love. Through our weekly offerings, we can offer our monetary support to causes both locally and abroad. Details for how to donate are in the section below. 

This weeks's featured giving opportunties

Youth Ministries (Internal)

Teens This offering was created to support Bethel’s growing youth ministries, creating more opportunities for growth and support from the congregation. As we continue to grow our Youth’s connection to Christ and the Church, the needs for financial support will grow as well.

Supporting Bethel Church

image of front of Bethel churchPlease consider supporting Bethel Church by making a one-time, or regular offering. Your offering supports the operation of Bethel and all its ministries, including today’s livestream service. This includes staffing and maintaining the Bethel Church, as well as running programs such as Coffee Break, GEMS, Cadets, Youth Group, Small Groups, and VBS. Thank you for considering our request.

Looking for our other giving opportunties

Here you’ll find a complete listing of all of our donation causes, in case you want to give to one of them instead.

Our Missions Ministries

Bethel continues to shine God's light into the community and beyond. Our offering causes are meant to support not only the Church body, and its surrounding community, but those facing persecution and hardships globally. Our Christian brothers and sisters are supported through these types of amazing Ministries.

Lianti Muller of Bethel CRC is the advocate and champion for Impact Zambia, a program of International Teams Canada.  We support Daniel and Florence Mayapi, the New Life Tabernacle and Cell Ministries in rural Zambia. We are working to establish the Life Impact Training Centre outside Itezhi-tezhi to help bring income-generating skills and church leader training to the community. Please support by prayer, participation, going to serve, and donations.

At World Renew, we’re compelled by God’s deep passion for justice & mercy, and we join communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation. At World Renew®, we join with the world’s families to change the story of hunger, poverty, and illness. For more than 60 years, hundreds of thousands of people have shared in this calling: staff, local partners, global communities, and people like you. Every day, people like you give in response to a disaster, offer monthly support to Free a Family® from poverty, or travel with our volunteer teams to help renew hope firsthand. Together, we change stories, and those stories change the world.

God calls churches to follow Him into their communities to share Christ’s transformational love with each and every person. Cities and neighbourhoods should be impacted and blessed through the social action and thoughtful, cultural engagement of local Christians. NewGround partners with deacons and churches to break new missional ground, nurturing Spirit-led ideas that bear everlasting fruit.

We live and serve in a young, “Christian” country that struggles with many problems.  There is corruption, poverty, twisted theologies, heretical teachings and prosperity Gospel, poor education, poor health, social and political stress, adverse changes in weather patterns, ignorance, and cultural changes due to technological advancement. We have a vision of seeing a generation of children and young people searching out Scripture and living their lives for and after Christ, fulfilling the Great Commission and transforming their communities with the whole impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We desire to see economically, physically, and spiritually oppressed lives and communities changing practically in the name of Jesus.

Ways to give

Giving can be done in the following ways:​

Simply insert a cheque or cash into the envelopes available in back of the church seats. Also include your name, your Envelope # (if you have one) and where you would like to designate the money (see offering list). Please note if you don’t share where it’s going, the amount will go to the general Ministry Budget.

E-transfers can be sent to: actonbethel@gmail.com. In the comments, please include your name, your Envelope # (if you have one) and where you would like to designate the money (see offering list).   Please note if you don’t share where it’s going, the amount will go to the general Ministry Budget.

Another option is to set up a monthly pre-authorised deposit from your bank account. You have the same giving options as above.  Simply fill in the PAD form and e-mail it to office@actoncrc.com
CanadaHelps (the Ministry Budget is called General Operating Fund).

You can simply mail your donation to Bethel CRC – P.O. Box 369, Acton, ON L7J 2N2

Note: In all cases, please clearly mark the cause and the amount.

Bethel is a giving church. The Lord has truly blessed us!

Thank you for your generosity!