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Donation Opportunities

At Bethel, we support an extensive list of giving causes. Click any of the items below to learn more about them. 

Acton Foodshare

Acton Foodshare exists as a service to contribute to the alleviation of hunger and the prevention of malnutrition for those individuals who are temporarily in need of assistance. The foodbank is intended as a discreet and non-threatening way to access food for those in need. We support the local Acton Foodshare with financial support as well as the reverse offering before the Easter and Thanksgiving weekends.


As an integral part of the ministry of our church, Bethel’s Benevolence Fund is administered by the deacons; with the purpose of providing one-time emergency assistance to congregation members and community people, where assistance is not otherwise available. Assistance typically relates to food, shelter and other basic needs – in response to God’s command to care for one another.

Bible League Canada

The Bible League partners with Christian ministry organizations to reach people in over 40 countries worldwide. This work falls into four categories of programs: Children’s Ministry, Starting New Churches, Adult Bible-Based Literacy, and work within the Persecuted Church. They equip local champions to bring God’s Word to people living in spiritual and physical poverty.


The Calvinist Cadet Corps is an independent (non-denominational) youth ministry organization whose purpose is to provide the local church with a ministry program that will enable them to effectively share Christ’s love with boys from their church and community. The Corps has more than 650 clubs throughout North America.

Christian Blind Missions (CBM): Hope and Healing

Hope and Healing (formerly Christian Blind Missions) is an independent Christian development organization dedicated to giving hope and medical care to children trapped in poverty and disability.

Crosstowne Milton Church

Crosstowne is a small church with a big heart. Started as church plant supported by Acton, Georgetown and Meadowvale CRCs, Crosstowne’s mission is to reach the unchurched wherever they are found, especially in Milton, where God has called them to serve and to make disciples.

Diaconal Ministries Canada

Diaconal Ministries Canada partners with deacons, churches, and ministries to demonstrate God’s love in the community.

Family Outreach Ontario
Family Outreach Ontario is a faith-based, interdenominational, not-for-profit organization. Trusting in God, it has responded to the genuine problem of alcohol and drug addiction, having a particular interest in the Christian community. It provides education and training on the issues of alcohol and drug addiction, consults with families and those struggling with addictions, and networks with organizations that provide recovery programs.
Food for Life

Food for Life rescues surplus perishable food (fruit, vegetables, dairy meat and prepared foods) from both retail and wholesale food suppliers and grocery stores. They then redistribute this fresh, nutritious food to community people who are often not able to afford fresh food. Bethel Church is a local Acton site for weekly food distribution.

Food for Thought Halton

Halton Food for Thought has been feeding Halton students for over two decades. Parents noticed that not every child at school had food in their lunch box or that many kids had food that didn’t contain enough nutrients to fuel their minds and bodies for learning. In 1997, the parents came together and formed an advisory committee to oversee the first 6 official Student Nutrition Programs in Halton.

Friendship Ministries
For decades, Friendship Ministries has worked to promote the ideals of Equality, Interdependence, Compassion, and Hospitality within the Body of Christ. With a vision for people with and without intellectual disabilities to grow deeper in their relationship with God and with each other in community, Friendship Ministries has provided resources that support faith formation and congregational inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Gems Girls Clubs is a relationship building, club program created especially for girls and offered through local churches. Girls in first through eighth or ninth grades are eligible for membership in a club. Games, crafts, singing, learning important life skills through badge work, discussing Bible stories and learning how to apply these teachings to life, as well as discovering solutions to many of the challenges that face girls today, are all a part of the club experience.

Guelph Campus Ministry

A campus ministry at the University of Guelph, this ministry seeks to be a community where students who are curious about life and God wrestle with scripture and are challenged to root their identity in Christ. They engage in small groups, outreach, community dinners and other social activities.

Halton Hills Christian School

HHCS provides Christ-centered education at the grade school level for the Georgetown, Acton and Rockwood area. It is funded through tuition, memberships and donations. HHCS is a place where young minds, bodies and hearts are shaped in order to become Christ’s ambassadors, through enrichment activities both inside and outside the classroom.

Halton Hills Transitional Housing

Three transitional housing units are available in Halton Hills for families who are homeless. Families are temporarily housed in furnished units while they search for permanent housing. In one year, the Transitional Housing program provides temporary accommodation for at least 6 adults and 12 children who would otherwise be homeless.

Halton Women's Place Shelter

Halton Women’s Place is the only women’s shelter in the Halton region providing emergency safe shelter and community outreach services to women and children experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

Impact Zambia

Established in 2012, Impact Zambia’s first project was to build a facility that doubled up as an office and school on the site of the Itezhi-tezhi church, and to build new church buildings in Mumbwa and Namwala. Impact Zambia works in partnership with local leaders to help some of the poorest communities in rural areas of southwestern Zambia. They have since expanded their programs to include community development initiatives designed to break the cycle of poverty through education and vocational training.

Indigenous Ministries (CRC)

The Indigenous Ministry is made up of a national committee (Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee), three Urban Indigenous Ministries, and a Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice, each using their strengths to support healing and reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous people in Canada. It is rooted in a recognition of our Creator’s love for all creation and in the understanding that we all have gifts to offer one another. It provides leadership and support for learning about Indigenous justice and reconciliation and in putting good works and theology of healing, reconciliation and justice into action.

Inuit Outreach Program

Halton Hills Inuit Outreach Project is a network of churches, corporations, community groups, schools and individuals who respond to the identified needs of communities in the North, build relationships with northern community leaders, and promote understanding of Inuit culture and life in the North. Their goal is to enable the Inuit Community to be self-sustaining through outreach providing immediate essential items for survival and dignity.

Karen Lubbers & Moses Lubber-Odel - Uganda Mission

Bethel Church supports Karen Lubbers & Moses Odel, a married couple serving as missionaries in Uganada. They are involved in Men’s and Women’s Fellowship groups, training church leaders and school teachers in Bible, creative teaching techniques, lesson planning, crafting, and equipping them with Sunday school materials. They also conduct worship and music ministry, as a means of discipleship amongst young people and the worship leaders. Additionally, they walk alongside a Sports Ministry team that is seeking to use sports as a means of sharing the Gospel with kids and teens. Karen and Moses also assist a ministry that reaches out to boys living on the streets, addicted to glue and airline fuel. They regularly speak at youth conferences, kids’ camps, and school assemblies.

Love a Village Malawi

Love a Village is a small grassroots organization dedicated to eliminating the grip of extreme poverty in the northern region of Malawi. With an aim to empower villagers using a holistic community-based approach, we are working to give them the ability to create independence and self-sustainability for themselves.


Links2Care supports a better quality of life through caring support for people in Halton. They provide such services as home help, meals on wheels, help with utility bills, relief for caregivers, school supplies and many other community supports.

Ontario Christian Gleaners

The Ontario Christian Gleaners is a non-denominational Christian organization that takes excess produce from farmers and food processors and makes this into a dried soup mix that is distributed to hungry people throughout the world through Christian relief organizations.

NewGround (formerly Operation Manna) (DMC)

NewGround partners with deacons and churches to break new missional ground, nurturing Spirit-led ideas that bear everlasting fruit. They provide planning, financial and organizational support to new ministry initiatives. Examples are youth ministries, Christian employment services, collective kitchens, etc.

Race Relations

For over 50 years, Race Relations has resourced Christian Reformed members and congregations as we dismantle the causes and effects of racism within the body of believers and throughout the world. They help church members to live as God’s diverse and unified family. They lead training workshops, group studies, congregational coaching and provide relevant and contextualized resources.

Resonate Global Mission (formerly Home Missions and World Missions)

Resonate Global Mission is focused on equipping the Christian Reformed Church for its calling—for living and sharing the good news, so that it goes out in every direction like an expanding, amplifying sound. Ministry activities include new church planting, congregational master planning, missions, leadership assistance for evangelism and discipleship, campus ministry, and focused and continued prayer for the mission of the church.

Restore Halton / Neighbour Care Network

The Neighbour Care Network seeks to connect Care Support Volunteers from the church community and provides ongoing support and mentorship so they can come alongside individuals and families in difficulty and distress. The goal, in the context of a caring relationship, is to give a ‘hand up” by uncovering and addressing the root causes of the situation, and work with clients to create a viable plan which provides direction, accountability, relief and hope. In Halton Hills Jubilee is the local expression of the Neighbour Care Network, and Shirley Feddema is a key participant in Jubilee, representing Bethel and the community of Acton.

Safe Families Canada Hamilton-Halton Chapter

By law and policy, child welfare agencies are mandated by the government to intervene in situations where children have suffered blatant abuse or neglect, leaving thousands of children and their families in difficult situations that do not meet this threshold, even though they face crisis situations like unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, illness etc. Safe Families Canada steps into these situations where Children’s Aid Services are either unable to help or where they don’t fit into the typical moulds of assistance. They pair up people in need with local families who essentially offer the same assistance that any family would offer to its own kin (i.e. babysitting kids, giving them a ride to an appointment, or just having them over for a meal). Safe Families volunteers serve without compensation and are motivated by the compassion and grace that they first received from Jesus Christ.

Seaway Missions (M2S)

Every year through Christian Reformed ministries, Christmas parcels and Bibles are given to seamen who spend Christmas away from home, mostly in those docked in Montreal.

Second Helpings / More Than Meals

Second Helpings is a Bethel ministry focused on providing meals to families in need.


Shalem provides Christian resources, support and counseling services to those with emotional and mental difficulties. Christians are not exempt from struggling with such painful issues as drug dependency, family violence, divorce, grieving, depression, suicidal tendencies, and the disturbing reality of abuse.

Shifra Homes

Shifra Homes’ mission is to provide a safe haven, and an empowering environment that promotes dignity and a sense of hope for young homeless pregnant women. They aim to provide support and resources, and to protect and nurture new life.

TD Christian High School

Toronto District Christian High School provides Christian-focused education at a high school level. It is founded on a vision of Christian education with a particular emphasis and character.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is a faith-based one-year residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for young men and women, ages 18 and over. The program, through government research, has been proven to have a recovery rate of over 70%.

Therefore GO (formerly Youth Unlimited)

ThereforeGo Ministries helps churches challenge youth and emerging adults to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and transform this world for him. They are a non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministry organization that focuses on assisting local congregations in their youth ministry through short-term mission trips and training.

Thrive for Good

From around the world, people join the Thrive Institute to learn the Life Gardens growing methods (organic gardening and nutrition training created for developing communities). They then go out and train others in villages, urban zones, schools, orphanages, prisons, HIV groups, hospitals and more.

Townsend Smith Foundation North Halton Hospice

The Townsend Smith Foundation is working to build and operate North Halton’s first hospice residence, as none currently exist in Acton, Georgetown or Milton. This 10-room hospice will provide 24-hour palliative care for individuals living with a life-limiting illness, support services for that individuals’ loved ones, and community services. It will offer specialized, individualized care, recognizing that residents are in their final journey and need comfort and kindness.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Bethel has a passion for seeing children come to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. A week-long summer program is held each year for community and church children. After all the VBS activities are done, bible stories are shared, crafts completed, and the songs sung – we pray the young ones in this ministry leave rooted in a firm foundation of discipleship.

Water Mission International

Water Mission understands that tackling the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) to ensure access to safe water and sanitation for all is beyond the reach of any single innovative organization or funding source. By partnering with strategic, like-minded organizations that build on each other’s strengths and share this vision, they can collectively make a scalable impact on the global water crisis. Water Mission has served more than 7,000,000 people in 57 countriess with lasting safe water solutions.

Woodland Christian High School

Woodland Christian High School strives to be a vibrant Christian community of learning where the love of God is evident and where students will be equipped to serve in our society as followers of Christ. The mission of Woodland Christian High School is to equip their students for lives of Christian faith and service.

Ways to give

Giving can be done in the following ways:​

Simply insert a cheque or cash into the envelopes available in back of the church seats. Also include your name, your Envelope # (if you have one) and where you would like to designate the money (see offering list). Please note if you don’t share where it’s going, the amount will go to the general Ministry Budget.

E-transfers can be sent to: actonbethel@gmail.com. In the comments, please include your name, your Envelope # (if you have one) and where you would like to designate the money (see offering list).   Please note if you don’t share where it’s going, the amount will go to the general Ministry Budget.

Another option is to set up a monthly pre-authorised deposit from your bank account. You have the same giving options as above.  Simply fill in the PAD form and e-mail it to office@actoncrc.com
CanadaHelps (the Ministry Budget is called General Operating Fund).

You can simply mail your donation to Bethel CRC – P.O. Box 369, Acton, ON L7J 2N2

Note: In all cases, please clearly mark the cause and the amount.

Bethel is a giving church. The Lord has truly blessed us!

Thank you for your generosity!